What you can do when the copper wire drawing machine has broken wires in production
Mar 26, 2021
In the production process of copper wire drawing machine, there are sometimes frequent wire breaks. If the sizing area of the wire drawing die becomes larger due to wear, then this problem can be easily solved as long as you usually pay attention to prevent and do inspection work.

It may also be caused by the instability of the current of the wire drawing machine, so pay attention to whether the annealing current is stable. This should be constantly paid attention to during the production process, especially when it is just started, especially the change of the current, which should be based on the change of the wire speed. To adjust the current size of the return. You can also refer to the technical parameters of our copper wire drawing annealing machine. The equipment has good stability, low startup failure rate, simple production process and easy operation.

The last situation rarely occurs during the production process, and almost never occurs. It is the quality problem of the rod material. As long as it is checked during the purchase, this problem will not be a problem.

In fact, as long as you pay more attention to the actual production, the wire drawing machine does not need to break frequently during the production process. This will help improve the quality and production efficiency of the copper wire drawing machine, and bring more profits to the enterprise. .
copper wire drawing machine

bottom of wire drawing machine

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