copper wire drawing machine type LHD-450

LHD450/13 copper drawing machineis easy to operate, easy to change dies quickly. This machine has features of easy and convenient operation, high efficiency and good quality of product.
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copper wire drawing machine type LHD-450

product Description:

This copper wire drawing machineis used to draw copper rod in diameter of 8mm to copper wire in diameter of 1.35mm-4.0mm. drawing capstan adopts linear horizontal arrangement, with continuous drawing and continuous annealing. machine speed matches with the electrical speed, which achieves quick die changing and automatic bobbin shift without pause. This machine takes advantage of easy operation, high production efficiency and high product quality.

extensively used for providing copper wire to make barbed wire, wire mesh and many more, this technologically advanced copper wire drawing machine is widely demanded amongst clients for its hassle free operation. This machine is manufactured using supreme grade components with the utilization of ultra-modern technology in tune with defined industry standards. Further, this Ultrafine copper wire drwaing machine is available in numerous technical specifications as per the varied needs of the clients at a competitive price. We are professional copper wire drawing machine manufacturers.

specification Parameters:

inlet diameter of rod
outlet diameter of wire (for 13-die type)
data of dc annealing
60V 6000A
size of take-up bobbin (two kinds)
size of down coiler (two kinds)

copper drawing machine

1. The horizontal and tandem construction, driven by two motors to achieve fast die change;

2. high precise helical gears transmission, high efficiency, low noise;

3. transmission part enforced oil supply lubrication system;

4. drawing capstans are in combined structure;

5. emulsion immersed lubrication and cooling can ensure high quality of finished wire;

6. double take-up to achieve high automation and high efficiency.

in 2003, Ito-sin(DeYang) wire & cable equipment Co.,Ltd. was awarded the certificate of quality administration system issued by britain das authority and the certificate of quality administration system approved by britain UKAS authority. in 2005, it was approved by the international wire & cable association as one of the standing members.

application and composition:

1.This production line is used for drawing bare copper wire at wire and cable factories.
2. wire drawing machineis composed of upright column pay-off stand, main drawing machine, final capstan, continuous annealer, accumulator and take-up system. The main machine is available in three types such as 9 dies, 11 dies and 13 dies.


Q1. What information should i let you know if i want to get a quotation?
A: item Name,Size,Initial quality you require.
Q2. How to make the payment?
A: T/T
Q3. When will you deliver the machine?
A: delivery time for 3 months.

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