Sichuan University-enterprise cooperation
Nov 27 , 2020

Professor Xiong of Sichuan University took a team of graduate students to visit our company to make a unified introduction to the school-enterprise cooperation project, and give reasonable advice and solutions to us regarding the production and manufacturing of the technology, materials high-quality development of the subject.  ITO-SIN continuous lead extruder is responsible for the arduous task of core coating technology in China's submarine cable. ITO-SIN has saves tens of millions of yuan for China to buy imported equipments.

We dedicates to improve our machines, With the large length of submarine cable, large diameter, antimony lead alloy production& development, our equipment requirements will be higher and higher, intelligence is also more and more developed, energy conservation and efficiency requirements are high, ITO-SIN will face the difficulties and the new situation of wind power generation demand, and make our machines much better and better!

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